The “First Love” Technique for Better Marketing

Ever felt in love? Marketing will be easier for you

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“Falling in love is directly proportional to marketing.”

Remember your first love?

How about the second one?

Are similar feelings evoking in you now?

The first love feeling was stronger, isn’t it? See I can read your mind.

Now, remember your very first customer?

How about the second one?

People are different, every human is different, your customers are no exception.

This is why marketing can becoming confusing.

But, good news?

If you ever felt in love, marketing will be a piece of cake for you. If you aren’t fortunate enough to feel love yet, allow me to make it easier for you.

It All Starts With That Coffee Shop (the Bond Phase)

Remember that first meeting with your special one? Your first love? How was it?

Let me guess…
A typical scenario goes this way.

You see her in your favorite coffee shop and you suddenly feel high, your heart starts pounding faster, you feel a great pleasure and suddenly life feels amazing — you get a sense of purpose in life. Cool, congrats. You’re in love.

Now you run after her every day. You try to collect her phone number, her shower day, makeup day, washroom day, birthday, her favorite movie, her favorite lipstick, favorite toothpick — everything about her. In other words, you feel addicted to her. Your life seems to have no meaning without her.

Awesome. Do this for your customers too.
Go to them. Go where they are. Run after them. Ask for what they need. Learn more about them. Collect everything you can from them. Literally everything and anything you can. Do it as if your special one ordered you to do it.

That First Courageous Proposal (the Nurture Phase)

Finally, you propose her, she rejects it.

You’re a true lover, you try again, she slaps.

You try again and she kicks you in your butt.

She finally accepts your proposal on the 4th attempt.

Now, what do you do? You call her every day, every 5 minutes and say: good morning baby, good evening baby, how are you feeling today? how is your cat feeling today? baby, did the sun rise yet? is the sky blue today, baby? Not that you can go out and check it out yourself. You also gift her favorite lipstick, her favorite toothpick, take her to movies. Why? To nurture the relationship, to make it stronger.

Ohh, good news for you: your customer you were running after made that first transaction from you.

Now, what do you do? You keep adding value in their life even after that one purchase, to nurture the relationship. We can do this with content marketing. Either directly in your product or through social media. By producing content about our customer’s burning questions — questions that keep our customers up at night — every single day.

For example, we learned as much as possible about our audience, which is teens. We collected as many details as possible and we know what type of questions they might have. For instance, a beginner might be confused with which programming language to learn. Someone in intermediate level might need help with productivity or the next step in their coding journey. We answer those questions on our social media. We answer those questions using visuals because we know the attention spans of our audience are way shorter and visuals will attract them more and make it easy for them to process and comprehend.

That First Breakup (the Test Phase)

Your special one doesn’t care about you, your money, and not even you. They care about themselves. They care about satisfying their desires.

Similarly, your customers don’t care about you, your products/service, or your business and not even you, the marketer. They care about themselves. They care about satisfying their desires.

Everything was going well: you were buying everything she asked for, greeting her every 5 minutes, taking her to shop every day.

And, adding value in your customer’s life by producing content daily.

But, suddenly something happens. Your best friend suddenly becomes rich. Now she breaks up with you and runs away with him, to satisfy her desire better.

On the other hand, here your competitors brought a new feature that attracts your customers. And they leave you, to satisfy their desire.

This is your chance for getting better. This is when you can know about your special one and your customers better. This is when things start getting clear. This is when the relationship is made or completely broken.

Bring in something of greater value to get them back.

She running with your rich friend means her desire could be to be called the girlfriend or wife of a rich guy. Because you too were earning enough and giving her everything she asked for, yet she left you.

You kept on adding value with your content marketing, yet your customers leaving you means they value your content, but not much than being a part of a better company.

Now if you work harder and earn more to become richer than your friend, she might come back to you. Your customers are likely to come back to you if you have something better than your competitors.

Hard Work Pays Off — It Sure Does (the Win Phase)

Congrats, you’re a billionaire now and your friend is just a millionaire. Also, you have got two better features in your product. Both your special one and your customers came back to you. Congrats, you made it.

Success Comes With Some Side-effects

Becoming successful means you become a little characterless, and that’s fine for your business. I’m not sure about your relationship.

Now you should have a better knack of what your special one and your customers desire so you can keep increasing or improving that and target some new customers and new love (do it at your own peril!).

Also, the desire of your special one/customer can change over time, so you need to learn those desires quickly so that you don’t lose them again.

For example, now that you know your first customer's desire is to be part of a better company, a company which has better features, you can use your features to retain your first customers, also use those features to attract new customers and learn about that new customer to bring something of value to that customer and use that to attract newer ones. It’s kind of like a cyclic process.

Why First Love?

Now, why first love and not second?

First love is stronger while the second and other love weakens and is less strong. Every new customer should be your first love and every old customer is your ex who blackmails you to be with you and keep fulfilling her desires. You still love her but as a friend. That ex is the one who has a higher chance to never leave you and she is the one who helps you make better relations with your new customers, by keeping on providing more feedback to you.

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