The Old Way of Being Grateful Is Sucking Your Happiness

But, this is the solution you were waiting for.

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There’s no fix for gratitude yet because people are earning billions off of it.

They teach you how to be grateful for the things you have. But how can you be grateful for things you already have? People miss that point.

I opened non-fiction for the first time after two years. It was fun. I didn’t know why I opened it. But this is the first time I feel like finishing the book.

I realized something profound in the prayer after reading 33 pages of the book. This was nothing to do with the book.

I always try to write a post that doesn’t require me overthinking about whether it will be helpful or whether I’ll piss someone off or whether I’ll be able to reach and add value to more people.

This article is it. I’m writing it. Because more people need to know this. But it can always start with one person. Gratefulness is crucial for collective happiness in this world. I want to be the one to start and you the amplifier.

The way we all were grateful is broken. This is the way I found works cooler and better. Surely.

I downloaded the book because I know a site that has a pdf version of it. [1]
The site was unavailable in my country this time. I opened Turbo VPN. [1]
Thankfully it connected without much delay. [1]
Fortunately, I downloaded this VPN long back because I have to access Telegram for my marketing work. [1]
Got no tweets or notification to steal my attention yet. [1]
Maybe Do not disturb mode was on, thankfully. [1]
Luckily, someone may have pissed me off that day. I was freaked off and not sure about what. [1]
On top of that, I couldn’t write anything for 9 days. [1]
My novel work was unover. [1]
I had time. [1]
Because of lockdown. [1]
Thanks to the government for the lockdown. [1]
Thanks to corona. [1]
Thank you, Chinese people. [1]
Thank you to hen and other animals. [1]
Thank you to God. [1]
Then I went to YouTube to learn how to learn something daily so I can write something daily. [1]
Found a video. No value. Time was wasted. [1]
Now I was driven to find out something that works. [1]
Found a 13-minute video. [1]
Watched it. [1]
The way she was talking about growth and books, I got fascinated with books. [1]
She showed her Kindle. [1]
I especially fell in love with her cover. I have $0 to get books or a Kindle. [1]
Reading on a mobile phone feels like someone is pulling my eyes out. [1]
I have a Samsung tablet that I haven’t touched in more than a year and it’s like a Kindle too. The cover is cool too. [1]
I started reading on the Tablet. [1]
Tablet felt like an actual book. [1]
I am now in love with books for the first time.

I didn’t count other things yet. Thankfully I am 17. Luckily I came to earth. Thanks to my parents. I have a mobile because I’m 17. Thankfully Google always preinstalls YouTube on the mobile. Thankfully I was signed in. Fortunately, I bought an Android. The day was Friday. I didn’t have school or other works. … …

We miss this: How can you be grateful if you already have what you want? And it’s also harder to imagine how bad your life could have been if you wouldn’t have what you “already have.”

You become grateful for something when you count the other things that got you that something.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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