True Marketing Starts From Marketing Yourself

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Last Friday, I was reflecting back on our app’s marketing efforts.

I realized something after four hours. It hit me hard. I was proud of myself and my team’s work as a marketer. But I lost that in split seconds.

Our actual marketing was done way back. Our founder did that right, through marketing himself at first.

I got curious to delve more into it and analyzed a few things about how to market ourselves well so that our company almost markets itself.

You Gotta Have An Online Presence Way Before You Are Online

Way before you start a company, you have to ensure that you set yourself as a brand. And it’s easy to brand ourselves. If we do that right, our company almost brands itself.

Our Founder Has An Online Presence

Way before he started the company, he has established himself online. He has written 4 books already by that time. He has grown his readership by being at the bestselling author list, five freaking times. He has already formed his loyal fans on his YouTube channel. He has already made a few deep connections.

This helped us get our customer very easily in the initial stage and this keeps on compounding.

Have Something Unique

In the sea of 7.8 billion people in this world, you have to stand out. This means you have to have something unique.

Our Founder Has A Unique Personality

He is a humorous person. He has a very good sense of humor. Just sit with him for two minutes and your stomach suddenly starts aching. He makes things fun. He explains things in a fun way, which is again our core ideology at Programming Hero. He makes fun of himself. He self-deprecates himself to make others laugh. He gives humorous self names to himself, according to need, to make other's comfortable.

Be Courageous To Say Different

Taking a different path in and of itself makes us unique. Talking in a different way is no exception.

Our Founder Is Courageous To Be Honest

He tells harsh but real words and also gives a comprehensive and feasible suggestions and guideline, unlike others. This makes his audience trust him more and always ready to follow what he has to say.

Be Friendly

There’s a reason we like to spend time with our friends. Because it’s fun. Friends help us survive calamity, they impose positivity all around us, they make everything fun.

Our Founder Is Friendly Online And Offline

His friendly tone makes him very much approachable. Online, in video, it makes the video engaging and doesn’t make us feel bored. Offline, it makes us trust him more.

Be A Little Selective

Trying to be different itself means we have to be selective. However, the harsh truth is: we are lazy to be selective.

Our Founder Is Selective About The Concept

He focuses on quality over quantity. He sure churns out content on a frequent basis, however he makes sure the content is interesting. He always looks for the untapped angle of concepts and brings it up for us, so that we are wowed.

In this digital world full of competitions, true marketing starts from marketing yourself well and it all starts by being unique.

The question is: are you doing it right?

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