What if Creativity Is to Sleep Under the Bed?

What’s crazy is what’s creative

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Last year, when I visited my hometown in the summer vacation, I was excited.

We landed there in the morning at 10 and we got to our home by the afternoon at 12.

The day went cool. I was in dool. But I soon turned fool — I thought there is no mosquito in Bangladesh now.

But, when we went to sleep, I noticed the dude who sucked in total thirteen ounces of my blood the previous year we went. (I tried to heat up, freak out and boil my blood so that this time I get him killed when he sucks my blood. But somehow I was calm.)

I kept turning him around but he kept coming back. He came back with his gang after some time. The extreme heat was surrounded all over so much so that even I was breathing out hot air, and that made the situation worse — I couldn’t close the window (as there was no air conditioner that time and it was freaking hot.)

Three hours and I am still awake. It’s at three a.m. I couldn’t help. Everyone else is sleeping because my relatives are already adapted and my family is “insensitive.” But I am very sensitive, you know: even if you stalk me on my social media, I wake up. (Ohh, can you help me? I can’t buy an alarm clock. Would you please stalk my profile every day at 5 a.m?)

When I went to the storeroom, there were no mosquito nets and no mosquito coils and I sure saw mosquito spray while shopping for the vacation but I didn’t feel it necessary at that time. How pity!

The only way I could think of when I couldn’t lie down on the bed and desperately sit down on the floor was to sleep under the bed.

And, how crazy, it worked. Maybe the mosquitos are afraid of the dark or maybe he saw his ex-girlfriend with her muscular boyfriend on the floor or it might have been anything else. But it worked.

(By the way, TikTokers, let’s make this the new cool: The #SleepUnderBed Challenge. Yeah, take the credit. I’m not sharing you my video, naughty.)

Creativity Comes From the Unexpected

We get creativity so wrong. Even Google gets it wrong. He defines it as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Could you please recheck it with your teacher, Google?

Print this out and eat it every day: Creativity comes from the unexpected in an expected scenario.

Here’s why I tell that. When I looked up at the ceiling, it was that — the regret of why I came to a place without any air conditioner and regret of having no mosquito net even though there was the net stand. If I follow google’s definition and use my imagination or original ideas to create something, I could think only this: to hell with my bedsheet and make it the mosquito net or “to damn with your blanket, I’m making you my net” and those would do just that — kill me with more heat.

Buddy, Mosquito Is Killing Me:

Don’t look at the sky. Look down. You have a lot of creativity there, man.

Creativity Increases Your Freedom

When I lied down under the bed, suddenly my bed space increased. I now had the whole bed unlike when I slept with my younger brother in the bed.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean my brother is fat. He is super-healthy. What I mean is, creativity gives you extra freedom.

Buddy, He’s Taking Away All My Space and Fame:

Go creative. Try different. Be unique. Work under bed.

Creativity Makes You Stand Out

I never needed an air conditioner after that day. I realized that it’s super-cold under the bed and it’s a net for the mosquito as well. I needed just that. I got just that. Every time I visit my hometown now, my bed calls me but I say to him: “To hell with you. I am already in love, with my floor.”

Buddy, I Cannot Sit Inside:

Go outside. Be creative. Paint any private wall. Stand out. In the Sun. As a punishment.

Creativity Makes You Prone to Haters

One creative move is all it took…shuttin’ the mosquito’s mouth….possibilities…yeah, that’s all it took.

Buddy, My Girlfriend’s Bestfriend Is My Competitor:

Go creative to shut his damn mouth and get her open her mouth.

Creativity Takes a Leap of Faith

If I never scrolled through to get under the bed even when that crazy thought struck (and it did right away, after a minute of sitting), I would be dead by now. Creativity is to take action. It’s for the action-takers.

Buddy, How to Propose My Girl?:

Go creative. Have faith. Take the leap. Just go for it.

Suck This Out From This Post, Dammit Don’t Digest It

Being creative is to be crazy. And to be crazy, either you need to be crazy or make the situation or the circumstances super-crazy. When you do that, creativity suddenly starts flowing.

And, creativity has a few benefits:

  1. It quadruples your freedom
  2. It gets you to stand out
  3. It’s a shield for your haters

But, for creativity, being crazy isn’t enough…you surely need a leap of faith and you need to scroll through under the bed (no, I’m not talking about scrolling Instagram under the bed, dammit, I’m calling your mom now.)

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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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