When You Pretend to Be the Underdog, People Lifts You Up

What’s fascinating is: they love doing it

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A delete button gave me a hard slap in my dry face after a good night's sleep.

Our product manager tags the video editor and asks him: “What do you think should we do in this regard?”

It was a discussion going on between them for a copyright violation we got on our youtube channel. I didn’t know anything about copyright violation but I have to show my smartness right after seeing the message: “We should delete the video right away.” “Let’s delete it now.”

Someone instantly deleted my reply.

That hurt. I speak up: “Why did you delete my message?” followed by tagging everyone so that I can disturb whoever deleted my message and get him to notice my work from the important task he is doing.

Nobody replied. Everybody ignored. My message went deep in the grave of messages with no hope of coming back.

I was sad about it.

Until one day, I understood why that happened when I needed to know something about the CEO for an investor pitch, which to act smart and pretend I know everything, I searched it on Google, scrolled through his decades of social media posts for ten hours but still couldn’t find the answer.

After no success of any sort, I message the CEO to ask the details. I got an answer I never heard of before. It felt something special …and new.

One investor responds with a screenshot of the part I included the CEO’s details about and said: “That’s the best part of this pitch.”

That was when I realized what I have been missing these many days.

People can’t help a loser who acts smart.

When I wanted to start my startup, after my realization, I started questioning the CEO about everything I could. And he even replied my unnecessary questions like “why don’t you bring your brother to your startup?”

A loser can become smarter only if he shuts his mouth and listens. Unless you shut your mouth, people will close their ears because your shout hurts.

Nobody can help a loser who never listens. Because unless you help yourself first by realizing you need the help, nobody can even write down H of help for you when you’re stuck in a place you thought not only Bear Grylls but you too can survive and come back alive.

Self-realization is the first brick you place towards becoming smarter.

People fear to be with someone who makes them feel low.

Their boss is already there, in the air-conditioned chamber, waiting impatiently to get a chance to repeat “I’m your boss. I’ll fire you” to them after their tiring day and overtime work without anyone asking because they want to double the revenue as they treat the business as their own.

When they finally reach home, their girlfriends make them feel bad about being alive.

Add a loser who pretends to be smart into that and your day becomes what people ask Santa to be opposite in their life.

People hate to be with someone who makes them hate themselves.

A loser who never shuts is distracting. To reply them means to open your hands to the energy drain and attention detain Gods to tie you with a handcuff of pain.

People’s time and energy are valuable to them. They fear to waste it on someone who makes them feel even lower about themselves. Spending energy on a loser who pretends to be smart feels more time waste than scrolling through social media the whole day.

Superiority is responsibility. Take advantage of that.

Act underdog and people feel guilty to somehow not help you out. Because we all are empathetic. We just need something to be empathetic about. You give them that and you have whatever you need.

People love to give a chance to underdogs so that you can either get better or because they know you aren’t a strong competitor.

People want to be with someone who makes them feel smarter about themselves. Make them feel that and you end up achieving more than you thought.

Superiority is pride.

Lifting someone inferior to us is a pride we have because we know we have done something good. It feels safe to lift an underdog because we know they can’t reach our level.

When someone wins after you train or guide them, it’s your win as well.

Superiority is caffeine.

Superiority is a speciality. You can brag off when you make someone better.

You feel special about yourself because you have a value. You feel you are better than everyone so to prove it, you give away everything you can while ending uplifting the underdog.

People want to work with someone who improves.

We all psychologically want to be with positive people and positive people are often the ones who look for answers, questions everything and are curious. Because when you question, you improve and to improve means to understand the world better and someone with a better worldview has a positive state of mind.

Being an underdog increases your value.

We understand curious people are already getting better and working with them makes us feel better about us.

Also, curious people improve and to improve means making others life easy later on.

If you don’t improve according to need, nobody needs you.

Being an underdog is fun.

You can soft-judge people which helps in future.

When you pretend to be the underdog and ask questions to someone, you don’t lose anything because even if someone doesn’t reply to you, you get to verify how much that person cares about you. That will help you to not waste your precious time trying to impress them later on.

You get to verify how people are trying to deceive you.

Pretending to be an underdog means people think you are a fool and oftentimes it’s s nice way to verify how someone perceives you or whether they are planning to deceive you.

You become smarter when you act a fool.

You can surprise people before their birthday.

Secretly learning is fun. It motivates you to keep getting better to suddenly shine up after a long, dark night and surprise people.

When you’re the underdog, you’ve got nothing to lose — everything to gain.

Losers who act smart waste time on unnecessary questions like whether doing something will be profitable and while applying all sorts of genius and intelligence, end up being worst than they were. They don’t want to fail which makes them a failure.

Smart people questions whether something will work. Stupid people questions whether something will work better.

Stupidity is smartness in progress.

Curiosity can get you everywhere. When you understand this, you spend all your energy in trying to be stupid and wrong. When you do that, you end up becoming a winner.

Don’t be a loser who acts smart. Be a loser who is curious.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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