Winning an Argument Still Means Losing the Person

Do you want to completely ‘lose the person’ or just ‘lose to the person’?

Shajedul Karim
6 min readFeb 12, 2021
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I looked forward to a scope of argument every day. That became my core goal.

I used to hate to-do lists otherwise the items on my to-do list would be only one, on every line of the list: Argue today.

This is what used to be my thought process once I woke up: Argue today. When I finished an argument with one person, my mind speaks up: “Get up, argue once more.” Again, once I’m done, “Argue once again.” The fourth time it does, it challenges my strength so much I never stop: “Dude, you stopped so early?”

I could probably be a Guinness World Records holder at winning the most arguments. That made me proud and motivated me to keep arguing.

After a mentor shared me something that hit my heart’s twenty-fifth layer’s nerve endings so hard, it still hurts (ouch!), I realized what I lost by winning the agreements. I lost thrice of what I won by winning.

I lost an argument with a dude. I went to my mentor and was complaining to him. He replied to me with:

“Everyone is different …and, everyone thinks differently. That makes the world an interesting place. Most of the cases, nobody is wrong — it’s…



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