Wow. That’s an honour for me.

I have read a few of your articles and loved each one of them. Currently had few things to talk about this post: “How to Develop An App That Markets Itself

I wonder how you have added these many points with such depth and details in just an eight minute read. You’re a genius.

The title is genius. Addition of ‘how-to’ made it brilliant.

The subtitle is another hot choice: the curiosity-generating question keeps us hooked. Also that question is something surprising — we get a quick thought of: “how can I get my users to promote my app? Very interesting. Let me read it.”

The conversations are a great addition.

You start off with discussing the problem and the conversation (conversation is the genius addition…that made real emotion and pain flowing.)

Love how you add quotes that not only sums everything up, but keeps us carving for more because of the wordplay.

The addition of the Apple example was another brilliant strategy. Apple was the right example for this post which hints at your credibility.

One sentence by you were brilliant than Elon Musk’s marketing strategy, but I’d love to see a line gap before this sentence. This will make it way more powerful.

“Without further ado…” — this sets the mood to read and shows there’s a lot to learn from your post.

“…here are the secrets recipe…” — ’here' hints at now and the word ‘secret’ is a powerful word.

“…of letting your users do the marketing for you and, for your app.” — “and, for your app” — the adding of add means two benefits which powered up this line.

Well done on this.

“What doesn’t get noticed, won’t get clicked by your app users.”

“You have to invest in them first and then they’ll listen to what helps your needs.”

You don’t just talk. You talk what we want and have to hear. These are gold nuggets and highlight-worthy contents. You rock at this.

'Excite” sounds like a better word and more relatable.

You might like to fix them:

  1. often overlooked
  2. pop-up
  3. convince

“Your app needs proof from your users that it’s really amazing. Your app needs some good reviews in order to stand out from your competitors.”

Why you need what you need — you always answer that. Perfect for letting us know that how trustworthy you are.

This is gold.

You aren’t just guiding us. You are guarding us from anything (bad) that could happen now or in the future. That’s powerful.

Addition of “How to Avoid Getting a One-Star Review?” after a few lines makes it more powerful. Nobody even things about adding this. But you rock at it.

However it’s better you mention that you will talk about ‘how to fix this in some time' right after mentioning what the scariest thing is so that reader don’t feel this article like less value and avoid them to stop reading from that point.

Honesty and truth, doesn’t matter whether it’s harsh — you always have it, in an engaging and funny tone. This shows you write from heart.

An example is:

“People complain about bad things more than they appreciate good things.”

‘Million’ dollar or ‘high' score hints as something big, a big achievement. That’s awesome. Apart from these two, we can have one more at the end — something small still we share it, like unlocking of a hot character (hot — to add humor.) This will help convince readers to try it even more.

“Everybody loves sharing something great they’ve just achieved whether that is making a million-dollar sale or a game’s high score.”

Fine, but as a beginner I don’t know why. I don’t know why everybody loves sharing something great they have achieved. The way you convince us in all other points without inclusion of any external link (of any article or video, etc.), you owe me a salute. However, we could improve this part mentioned above.

Another highlight-worthy sentence. Loved it.

This whole part is brilliant.

You might like to fix these:

  1. 1st arrow: question mark instead of a full stop
  2. 2nd arrow: we can add a comma

Addition of your example like Tweety or collected, researched examples supercharged the points and hence your overall story.

“…you’ll have the best marketing strategy everyone ignores.” (notice the bolded text.)

To Recap — this was another brilliancy well executed. Here, you didn’t go fancy, rather you used a simple word people will surely read. Because recapping is always easy for anyone. Well done.

The inclusion of images was super cool and made the flow flowing floweringly.

We can make the keywords bold instead of putting it in quotes. This makes it easier to read and helps with the overall formatting.

Last sentence in every section are super-cool. They are always highlight-worthy and easier to take away and digest.

Overall, I loved the flow and the structure and every point you included. You’re a genius storyteller and presenter. I always keep craving more of your stories.

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