Write a Novel. Let It Be Your Life Story.

You can rethink what you think a novel is. (I don’t know anything).

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Trust me.

I don’t know what a novel is. I never read a novel in my life (Harry Potter fans, I am sorry).

That’s why despite the dire urge to participate in NaNoWriMo last year because it sounds cool, I couldn’t participate.

I still don’t completely know about it. But I’m writing a novel. And it’s based on my life story.

You’ll die dead if you don’t write a novel. Here’s why.

Everyone has a story inside but…it’s not worth a non-fiction

Nonfictions are boring. It takes time to write. Harder to read. The novel seems to be fun to read and easier to write. Sure everyone has a story inside them but not everything is worth a practical implication.

You can teach something profound to anyone with a novel. Because there’s usually no practical action to take. People understand the story based on their life situation and that’s what matters.

You’re meaningless as a writer if you can’t make people think. People pay you to make them think.

The best feedback I ever received from a reader is: “I like your stories because it makes me think.” You know what’s cool about that? Thinking is living. He started living and nobody can kill him ever. He’s mentally stronger forever. That’s a huge win for me as a writer.

Your first novel can start with your story (of some part that matters).

I’m not a celebrity and that’s what’s cool

People say you can write a memoir only when you’re a public figure or when you have some interesting theme in your life. Okay, that’s fine. But not everyone is a public figure but everyone has a story that matters and impacts. The novel is the best way to share this.

Memoir requires you to be fully honest. The novel opens a creative space.

Have the flashback of your life to see where you’re heading

Daily Journalingistas will hate me after this. I hate journaling. It feels like a job. Hard job. I can’t and don’t need to remember everything I did the whole day.

While writing a novel, I realize what I went through the whole time. It’s fun to think back about the past than to store each day of your present on a diary you bought 20 years ago and then read it aloud later in future.

Writing a novel is a cool way to have a flashback of all your memories. The real emotions are reignited again and that’s powerful for both your well-being and your novel. The trick? Forget your story. Don’t have it written down on a journal daily. You devalue your own story when you know it already.

It’s best for writers

At least you didn’t reject yourself yet.

Writing is fun for a true writer. True writers are someone who is destined to create an impact with their words. But true writers need something to get started or keep the motivation intact otherwise people throw you in hell and you won’t even realize. Then you think you are not a good writer.

The novel is the start. Everything will start making sense later. Your story is interesting and you don’t need to have takeaways from it to make it worthy of writing. People find their takeaways based on their own life story from a novel.

A novel on your story is by far the best way to start a writing career, I now believe. In the end, at least you can say, “I didn’t reject myself yet.”

You realize what you’re doing wrong or suffering from …and maybe that’s powerful

I can’t sleep without listening to some kind of story from my younger brother because of pain I can’t tell you. Because I don’t know what. That’s a bad thing. But it’s interesting for a 17-year kid. I am writing it. I added it to my novel.

Only this line states a lot: “I’m 17 and I can’t sleep without listening to some stories from my brother.”

Maybe at least I’m telling someone they’re not alone.

Experience your old memories once again

Working on a novel based on your story helps you re-experience the old moments again. The lost memories once again become real. You start believing your life have a greater purpose.

Past is always beautiful and fun when you look back at it from the present. This makes you believe your story is powerful. When you believe in your story, you believe in your life. When you believe in your life, you believe in yourself. Believing in yourself is a win because not everyone is lucky enough.

It ignites fun in writing

It’s cool to work on a story. And it becomes fun when the plot is your own life. You aren’t trying to be practical and bang your head when you can’t have takeaways. You are just trying to make people think. That’s true writing.

A break from how-to makes you creative

How-tos are the dream killer. You waste time trying to be practical and when you can’t, you think you’re a bad writer. The goal isn’t to be practical. The goal is to make people think with your words. You can do that when you don’t give them a ready-made solution.

A novel has a story. The story isn’t the solution. It just gives people the courage to face the problem with their full capabilities.

Not knowing is good enough

Most of the times I don’t know what I am doing and it’s good enough. Not knowing is good enough.

I don’t want to be a novelist. I don’t know why but I hate the letter n, especially in the novel. But, leaving this part of the writing spectrum just because I am not creative or hate the word novel is missing the opportunity of rebirth. It’s a loss.

Your story makes you creative

Start with writing your story and you’ll realize the pattern. You’ll think and notice things you otherwise wouldn’t. This helps you grow as a writer in other areas.

This means you don’t have excuses anymore. Your story doesn’t leave room for excuses because we only excuse what’s hard. When you don’t have excuses to give, your creativity starts unlocking.

You raise flow states

The flow state is the truth state. You feel like a superhero without any ego. Or you feel a granny with no worry. But reaching that feeling is always worth a try. Because you can still write otherwise, but flow makes it fun and easier, enjoyable and lovely.

It’s hard though

I forget things often. I don’t know why and when I thought of writing a novel. But based on the doc creation date, it’s 30th Jan. 30 days later, I’m still thinking about how to add value to my readers with my novel.

You’re the hero of your story

Not everyone can be the hero of your story. The memoir is mostly written for others. You write a novel for yourself. It’s your win. It’s for you. Impacting someone with your novel is simply a way to verify your story is powerful.

What changed after starting to work on a novel based on my life story?

Now every pain became fun because I can share them as something others can learn. But I didn’t start journaling daily to include impressive points daily even. That’s not the point. What’s fun is you can be creative with your story and still be on point.

Here’s my plan you can copy:

My novel is called Uncover. I’ll design it differently. Maybe cut the traditional book size and make it half or quarter. The pricing will be different, something related to unover. The book will be unover, meaning there will be sequels so that I don’t need to keep stressing about finding everything from my life to put into one book.

I’m not planning to promote it. I don’t want to sell this novel even. I’d give it away free of charge but the value of the story decreases that way, meaning I can’t impact anyone. So I’m planning to promote it via Instagram as a start. Writer, Anangsha Alammyan somewhat inspired me on this. Instagram feels the best way to promote my novel. I’ll soon start working on this. This will be meme marketing, maybe: Elon tweets about the book. What happened after Jeff Bezos read my book? Etc. Maybe the poster designs will be unover too (1/4 part of the slide will be blank perhaps?)

I’m not sure about marketing it yet. The fun part is writing and I’m doing it.

Here’s another secret: Nobody knows I’m working on a novel except you. Surprising someone at the end always works as a cool motivation for me to finish something. You can try that too.

Maybe this is called an Autobiographical novel

A novel based on your story seems to be called an autobiographical novel. But that doesn’t matter. The novel is fiction but my life is real so it’s not a novel even.

But here’s what I realized after working on this novel based on my life: My life is way more interesting than I thought. The medium I chose was wrong.

Sometimes I fail in what I do but it’s always fun to try. You can do the same.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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