Writers, Do You Follow Tim Denning?

If no, I’m sorry I won’t read your work

Tim Denning (on Medium) = Quality Work (even if you just follow him)

Taylor Foreman got my respect. He is the first guy I came across who is publicly thankful to all the successful writers. Take my heart, Taylor.

The Realization

Two months back, one of my friend, who started writing on Medium along with me four months back, asked me whether I follow Tim Denning. I said I do.

“Yeah, he is very interesting. I love his work. I aspire to be like him.”

“No doubt.”

Last Friday, another friend, who started writing on Medium together, knocks me: “Hey, do you know what’s Kim Kardashian’s Medium username?”

“Uhh? Why do you need her username?”

“To read her work. To follow her. I just love the way she tops the controversy list. I want to learn how she does that and I love to read.”

This got me thinking. Even I love to read and I follow Tim Denning.

When I revisited our profiles, we all were following other successful writers, especially Tim Denning.

They say if something happens for the first time, it’s a tragedy. The second time? Coincidence! The third time? It’s planned, it’s deliberate — something might be going on in the backend.

When I checked the profiles of two other friends of mine who started together with us, I was surprised to believe my eyes: they had just one follower — Medium Staff.

One Special Trait

I kept thinking about this for three days. On the third day, I wondered what’s common between all our friends who followed Tim Denning.

In the shower, I got the answer.

When I saw my face in the mirror, I remembered those two friends always teased me: “You’re ugly, man. Put some makeup on you.”

I never cared about that. But I realized that hinted at arrogant.

Boom, that was my realization period. I got my answer.

I Don’t Trust Sudden Realization, Dammit I Need Proof

I got each one of us surveyed by ten other friends of mine, to rate whether they are generous or arrogant. This was the result:

First Friend (who asked whether I follow Tim): 2/10 — arrogant

Second Friend (who asked Kim’s username): 0/10 — arrogant

Third Friend: 7/10 — arrogant

Fourth Friend: 8/10 — arrogant

Myself: 1/10 — arrogant

This means I was right.

Generosity Wins

Those two friends of mine who just follows one account (I mean followed by Medium automatically) were those who don’t publish regularly. They excuse not having time, even though we have the same 24 hours a day.

The other two, who are generous like me, publishes regularly. They ask for feedback. They don’t just think or plan. They execute. They are the ones who are persisting without even tasting any success yet. I love to read their work and I crave to read more, because they have something new, exciting and improvised every time.

Tim Denning Has All It Takes (and All We Need)

Tim Denning has all we need. He has a writing schedule. He has an amazing following. He has a charisma. He leads. He inspires. He makes our day. He shows up daily. He is simple. He is like us. He is humane.

Niklas Göke once proudly said this:

“A professional is someone who is recognized by another professional.”

You aren’t pro, still, you recognize and follow Tim Denning and that means you are getting there. Soon Tim will recognize you too.

If you don’t follow Tim Denning (even if you secretly sleep late just to read his work), I know you aren’t a serious writer. Because following someone is free. You are just waiting for one big shot and you are vanishing forever.

Being a beginner writer, when you follow someone, especially a writer, you are serious about your craft. I know you improve daily because you’ll read daily — even if you don’t have the time, you’ll make the time. After all, good writers are good readers.

If I love your title, I will first visit your profile and see whether you follow Tim. If you do, I’ll read every story of yours because I know you are persistent and you are improving daily. That’s who a professional writer is: you improve daily because you read daily just because you were serious to hit that follow. Not science, just an easy metric to ensure whether to read your work.

(By the way, Tim, are you giving me the secret writing weapon you promised to promote you?)

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