Yes, You Are Perfect

You were simply preparing yourself for mediocre

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It’s now becoming a norm to use the phrase 'Nobody is perfect' as an excuse for not doing something properly. I even remember a pilot once announcing: “Remember, nobody is perfect.” before his flight. We use this phrase to cover our laziness. And that is bad.

You can also use this while soothing someone who had accidentally did something wrong and that’s fine in that case: “Hey, don’t worry, nobody is perfect. We can fix this.”

After turning 13th, I got the same issue — striving for perfectionism. Teachers used to tell us: “Look at John, he is a perfect student. He is punctual, always prepared, and overly courteous. You gotta be like him.” (Only we knew how he used to dance in the whole class at the break time.) My friends (I only have two) used to tell: “Shajedul, you gotta be perfect in whatever you do otherwise people will ignore you, make fun of you, befriend you and you would be alone, forever.” This sure didn’t have a direct impact on me (I have thick skin) however it struck me and I slowly started striving for perfectionism (it’s too hot here in Oman, my skin is melting.)

I was now at the last stage of perfectionism at the age of 17. Everything I do, I couldn’t finish it sooner as I wanted to be perfect. I never started writing for this reason. I thought I need to be perfect. I need to know everything perfectly. I need to know the right length of the blog post. I need to know the exact use of the word ‘girl’ in a post. I need to know how to craft perfect titles, find the perfect niche, and generate the perfect ideas before starting.

This stopped me. I was growing physically (and maybe even mentally) but I wasn’t improving as a human being.

Recently I realized we are already perfect. You are a perfect human being. I am a perfect human being. We are perfect human beings. Sure we have diseases, obstacles, calamities. But those are part of us. Everybody is perfect and unique in what we are — human. We just need to embrace that.

Life Is Actually a Game (Not a Test)

Life is a game where you start alone, as a perfect human being. Life is a game that we play together by finding our partners, who are perfect human beings. It’s a game where you fail often to learn often but you still are a perfect human being. It’s a game where you don’t have any rank or position, you just have to get going. Here you don’t have any rules…you just have to keep going. This game is where you don’t have any obstacles…it’s all within our mind. We are all perfect.

You Are Here to Find Your Meaning

Humans are the best creatures of all time. Our intelligent level is the top class. We can study and learn and change anything. Our primary goal as a human is to preserve this physical world and keep it balanced to sustain the lives of us and all creatures in this world. Every human can’t work on one thing at the same time. Hence we just need to find our meaning here — the purpose of our existence by trying more things and failing more often and that is the reason we can’t be perfect in anything. You can’t improve the oxygen level of our planet. Sure, but you sure can make life easier and better for the person who can and that could be your meaning too.

You Are Perfect, You Just Aren’t Confident

We all have our desires, goals, and tasks to achieve. However, our lack of confidence doesn’t let us achieve those and hence we start giving excuses, or worse blaming everyone, except us. This, in turn, doesn’t give us happiness and peace of mind and we set for mediocre by excusing nobody is perfect.

It’s not about perfection. It’s about satisfaction. Satisfaction in whatever you do: may it be writing for 20 minutes, or doing the laundry in 9 minutes, or talking with your special one for 12 hours straight. If you are satisfied with what you do, doesn’t matter what and how much, you are perfect. Congrats.

Okay, Okay, So, What’s My Takeaway?

You are already perfect. You are just being lazy. It’s all about figuring out what perfect means for you. Because it’s not about perfection, it’s about satisfaction in whatever that we do. You can’t hit perfection but you sure can aim for satisfaction.

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