Yes, You’re an Artist, No Matter What Anyone Says

We all are human. We all are equal.

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You’re an artist. I’m an artist. Everyone’s an artist. High-five! Ohh, fist-five.

An artist is someone who does something and always has a scope for improvement, or every time they do something, they do it a little different.

And, after cleaning the glass with hot water and Dettol and then sanitizing it, it becomes clear that everyone’s an artist because everything we do has a scope for improvement and everything we do is most often done differently or in a new way the next time.

Cleaning the garbage is an art.

Catching the thief is an art.

Cutting the chest is an art.

Calculating billion dollars is an art.

Carrying the luggage up to the hotel room is an art.

Celebrating the customer’s birthday party at the restaurant is an art.

Challenging someone openly and winning with him is an art.

Chasing the ball is an art.

Cheering for the winners is an art.

Chopping vegetables and meat is an art.

Choosing a dream partner is an art.

Clapping for someone’s success is an art.

Clearing the nose is an art.

Coaching someone to get better is an art.

Collapsing down to get free, easy sympathy is an art.

Coming late to home is an art.

Collecting antique pieces is an art.

Combining chemicals is art.

Commanding from the washroom is an art.

Commenting from the top of the building is an art.

Committing to a promise is an art.

Communicating with your fiancé is an art.

Commuting to work via road is an art.

Comparing with someone we never met is an art.

Competing with someone we never saw is an art.

Complaining about everything there is without any evidence is an art.

Completing a task on time without anyone’s help is an art.

Composing an album is an art.

Concentrating on a task for two hours straight is an art.

Concluding something without knowing anything is an art.

Conducting a seven-hour long meeting without drinking water is an art.

Confirming the price of the burger without asking the waiter is an art.

Confusing someone without speaking anything is an art.

Connecting the dots is an art.

Considering someone for an interview is an art.

Conserving two years of food stock in one car is an art.

Constructing a house is an art.

Consulting someone is an art.

Continuing to work without getting a salary for nine months is an art.

Contrasting anything with anything is art.

Contributing to something valuable is art.

Controlling the remote is an art.

Converting USD value to AED value without Google is an art.

Convincing your special one for a date at your restaurant is an art.

Cooperating even after fighting is an art.

Correcting someone without being rude is an art.

Covering a lie is an art.

Cracking the bones is an art.

Cutting the nails blindly is an art.

Cooking without the recipe book is an art.

Coughing is an art.

Cancelling the meeting at the last moment is art.

Conflicting with anyone for no reason is an art.

Coordinating with a stranger is an art.

Copying something is art.

Coping up with anything is an art.

Cofounding together is an art.

Crashing the car and pretending you weren’t even present is an art.

Everything is art. We all are artists. We all are human. We all are equal.

Even C is an art. See above? (Or, C above?)

C you for now.

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