Yes, You’re an Artist, No Matter What Anyone Says

We all are human. We all are equal.

Shajedul Karim
3 min readDec 16, 2020


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You’re an artist. I’m an artist. Everyone’s an artist. High-five! Ohh, fist-five.

An artist is someone who does something and always has a scope for improvement, or every time they do something, they do it a little different.

And, after cleaning the glass with hot water and Dettol and then sanitizing it, it becomes clear that everyone’s an artist because everything we do has a scope for improvement and everything we do is most often done differently or in a new way the next time.

Cleaning the garbage is an art.

Catching the thief is an art.

Cutting the chest is an art.

Calculating billion dollars is an art.

Carrying the luggage up to the hotel room is an art.

Celebrating the customer’s birthday party at the restaurant is an art.

Challenging someone openly and winning with him is an art.

Chasing the ball is an art.

Cheering for the winners is an art.

Chopping vegetables and meat is an art.

Choosing a dream partner is an art.

Clapping for someone’s success is an art.

Clearing the nose is an art.

Coaching someone to get better is an art.

Collapsing down to get free, easy sympathy is an art.

Coming late to home is an art.

Collecting antique pieces is an art.

Combining chemicals is art.

Commanding from the washroom is an art.

Commenting from the top of the building is an art.

Committing to a promise is an art.

Communicating with your fiancé is an art.

Commuting to work via road is an art.

Comparing with someone we never met is an art.

Competing with someone we never saw is an art.

Complaining about everything there is without any evidence is an art.



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