‘You Have to Be Original and at the Same Time Raise Your Standards!”

Our founder: “Best thing you ever said to me.”

I have always tried to lead our leader, guide him, improve him. Most of all, I tried to be smart. Because I didn’t fear losing my job.

One day, I gave him a feedback on one of his blog posts and he didn’t act on it right away because he was stuck with some other work. I didn’t know this. This made me furious and I busted out:

“One thing I just want to tell you, but not force you is that: Whatever I say, please try to act on that right away...I just want to improve you...You need to learn a lot of things yet!

I am not an expert or a professional or a perfect man...I learn every day and spread my knowledge and want to help others improve with my help, with my knowledge that I have!”

He then replies to me:

“Yah, and I take those. I take and correct 95% of the changes. One or two things: I don’t do or take. And these help me a lot. Those 95% things are my lackings or lack of attention. So, your feedback and help makes the overall output looks better. You are polishing it.”

I, still furious, respond him:

Take an example of this blog...
You wasted (suppose) 1 hour of your time writing this blog, so why not waste a few more minutes to polish it, check for mistakes?

Unless and until we find out our own mistakes, we never learn

I am happy to find the mistakes you did and show it to you for correction, but me checking and finding your mistakes, doesn’t help you...I may not be available tomorrow

Nobody will

Nobody is going to help you out in the long run...Not even your friends or even family members, because either they don’t have time for you or they don’t know what you are talking (writing) about and so they don’t check it or they are not interested in you!

So, you need to be independent

Max 5 minutes will go for giving a final review and make it perfect, so why not do that?

If I have enough time, I check it as many times as I can, because still you will find mistakes

Unless and until we try, we will never be able to become better.

See...you are running behind your startup, and at the end of the day, when you didn’t invest atleast little amount of your time to develop yourself (make you better), you did nothing.”

He replies:


I, now super-furious, type out while almost breaking the keyboard:

“Your policy is: done is better than perfect. Yes, it’s a good thing and I support it too, but when we have time, we can still go back and try to make it perfect, isn’t it? Because, impression matters. You are not good at that too.”

He responds:

“When you can juggle only 4-5 things, you have to select some and rely on others for others. You can’t be good at everything. Actually I am good at nothing. I can do a very little on a lot of things 😄. You already know that by now.”

I reply to him:


I knew it before knowing you”

He goes:

“You are smart”

I go:

“Another thing you have in your mind is:

Okay...Will say that tomorrow”

He curiously says:

“I was waiting for a mind reader performance”

I reply to him:

“Okay...Wait then


I will do it now”

“Ok,” he states.

Again I go:

“You think that you are good the way you are and people’s job is to talk, troll and make fun and you don’t care about it...You do the way you feel to do!”

But, that’s not the way...you got to be original, but at the same time grow your standard!”

I was stunned to hear this by him:

“Ohh... this is gold. "You got to be original, but at the same time grow your standard!". Best thing you ever said to me.”

I, now super-happy, tell him:

“Is it?

It just came from my mind

He goes:

“This is really good and very nice feedback. Perhaps much better than everything you did. I am writing it down, on my wall in a sticky note:

"You have to be original and at the same time raise your standard !!"

I, very happily rush out:

“It just came from my mind I cannot believe it would be that awesome!”

Truly Speaking, Even I Didn’t Know What I Said at That Time, but Now I Do

This is simple: You have to be original and at the same time raise your standards. Making it simpler from your cute mind, this means: you have to be authentic, you have to be real, you have to be you, but you have to grow daily.

Don’t carve this on your back. It might fade away because when you grow, your back grows. You can try carving this on your eyes because the size of the eye never changes (BEWARE: Don’t try this yourself. Consult a professional.): “You Have to Be Original and at the Same Time Raise Your Standards, man!”

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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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