You Should Keep Writing Because You Are a Magician

Photo by Loris Marie on Unsplash

As a writer, you are a magician. Your magic stick is words. Sometimes you give hope to people, sometimes you make them fly. But you sure touch their world and come. It could be a gentle touch but you change them, you inspire them, you slowly mould them into someone better. You move them. You make them take action.

Sometimes you are selfish, to teach.

Sometimes you are a cricketer, sometimes Albert Einstein, sometimes Jenna Dewan to convey your point.

Sometimes you become a burger.

Sometimes you turn your job into a bathrobe.

Sometimes you turn your honeymoon trip to idea generator.

Sometimes you turn Kim Jong-un into a confidence guru.

Sometimes you steal Kylie Jenner’s hair.

Sometimes you become Angelina Jolie’s left leg.

Sometimes you secretly peep into trial room.

Sometimes you make a restaurant alive and talking.

Sometimes you cut 15% of your grandma.

Sometimes you run while starving.

Sometimes you become Sherlock Holmes.

Sometimes you don’t speak for 11 years straight.

Sometimes you make the Happiness God, Neil Pasricha sad.

Sometimes you still have affair with your ex-girlfriend.

Sometimes you love school, but not for studies.

Sometimes you turn COVID into a formula.

Sometimes you change your department name.

Sometimes you make popcorn in 10.3 minutes.

Sometimes you invent a disease — Shah Rukh Khan Syndrome.

Sometimes you play the blue whale game.

Sometimes you speak up why you are always in the bathroom.

Sometimes Kendall Jenner is your baby.

Sometimes you are called an idiot.

But, at all times, you inspire. You don’t fear failing. You execute. You are brave to be vulnerable to become an inspiration. You change minds with your words, with your stories.

And, in the end, you always leave them happy and craving for more.

Because you are a magician.

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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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